Sustainability SSingular 17/08/2022

Sustainable Kitchens

Commitment to the Environment

At SSingular each new SSingular project is designed to build sustainable kitchens produced with certified raw materials. Our production process incorporates numerous actions that guarantee quality products based on environmentally responsible procedures.

best production practices

high standard of quality

SSingular's industrial unit was designed to comply with the best production practices, while at the same time paying strict attention to the highest quality standards, including international management standards. Constantly being modernised, the unit is equipped with the best brands on the market, which guarantees superior quality in the execution of its projects.

Reuse of materials
FSC® certified wood
ISO 9001 Certification
Selective waste collection
Efficient equipment
Particulate treatment inside the plant
Sustainable kitchens, SSingular, made-to-measure kitchens
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