Scandinavian-inspired kitchen SSingular 16/01/2023

In this SSingular kitchen, white recalls the Scandinavian style. Originating in European countries, where the cold is predominant almost all year round, the Scandinavian style prioritises white, mainly to ensure clarity in the environments. Generally, it is developed in combinations with wooden elements and others with a more neutral materiality which contribute to an environment that is both sophisticated and brings us a taste of home.


Escadinava inspiration for your life's project

Space to highlight your decoration

The wooden niche with internal lighting breaks the rigidity of the monolithic worktop while providing a prominent place in the environment that can be used to store objects, or, position decorative pieces such as plants, pots, stylized bottles or books.

Space to store what you need

SSingular offers a set of solutions in terms of accessories to make your life more comfortable. With the best brands in the market, all your condiments will be organised, as well as cutlery, pots, glasses and dinnerware. 

Despite being a European trend, the Scandinavian style has gained followers all over the world for its characteristics that express lightness, tranquillity and warmth. The cold climate of these regions favours meetings between friends and family, especially in the cosiness of the kitchen. The neutral tones that make up this type of decoration allow for a series of combinations, with accessories in pastel shades, softer colours and keeping wood as an indispensable element.

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