Kitchens integrated with living space SSingular 15/01/2023

The Minimalist Kitchen project brings white as the predominant colour. The SSingular custom cabinets make the kitchen functional and sophisticated, which ensures the full use of space. Ideal for sharing moments and dialogue with guests during food preparation, it allows integration with the living room.

Because it is timeless and classic, white is a trend that fits easily into various decoration styles. The depth and lighting that white provides contrasts with the vertical wooden elements, which define a cosy and harmonious set, which allows the inclusion of other accessories with different shades in the decoration of the environment.

Minimalism as the focal point

Minimalist decoration is a trend that calls for a more refined and attentive look at the beauty of the small details.

Elegant and contemporary

By prioritising the use of white as the base colour of the kitchen, we make it possible to use elements such as wood that enrich the project.


Discover the lightness of white balanced with the personality of wood

Wood as a prominent element

Wood in a light tone is a lure for creativity, because at the same time it suggests the combination with more vibrant or neutral colours, it also allows the use of metallic objects, gold or silver tones. Such possibilities will depend on the style that the client intends to incorporate into the project.

Compact with space

The L-shaped SSingular kitchens in places with reduced space are an opportunity to select the accessories that best take advantage of corners and lost areas with solutions that are supported by their accessibility and functionality. Ideal access is guaranteed both in the lower and upper cabinets with a set of equipment that will help you in your daily life.

Minimalism is a style of simple form and lines, but no less elegant for that. The proposal is not to have leftovers or the impression of ineffective objects floating in the environment. Everything is adjusted appropriately for a surgical purpose and without excesses.

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