Kitchen Colours in 2024: Inspiration and Balance in SSingular Designs SSingular 02/01/2024

Kitchen Colours in 2024: Inspiration and Balance in SSingular Designs

Kitchen colours to inspire your home

At SSingular, we believe that colour is more than just an aspect of design - it's an expression of personality and an invitation to feel. As we enter 2024, colour trends for kitchens reflect not only modern styles, but also the search for spaces that inspire and welcome. In this article, we explore three SSingular kitchen designs that illustrate the magic of colour: green, red, and blue with white.

Kitchen colours, SSingular red kitchen

Red Accented Kitchen: A Touch of Boldness:

The island kitchen, designed with red as the centrepiece, immediately catches the eye in a space where the liveliness of this shade is skilfully balanced by the tranquillity of white. The red cabinets, with their glossy finish, are the highlight as they reflect light and energy. The central worktop serves not only as a preparation space, but also as an invitation to socialise, as the high stools associated with it show.

The dark grey floor establishes a neutral base that accentuates the presence of red without competing for attention, creating a balanced visual dialogue. Ample natural light intensifies the kitchen's brightness and highlights the contrast between red, white and grey, producing an ambience that is both cosy and inspiring.

Kitchen colours, SSingular red kitchen

Red, recognised for stimulating the appetite and adding energy to any space, is a bold and vibrant choice for kitchens. At SSingular, we understand that the use of red should be balanced, so as to create an environment that is both stimulating and pleasant.


Options such as marsala or magenta, variants of red, offer flexibility and modernity to the design. Marsala, with its more sober tone, brings a sense of sophistication and cosiness, while magenta, vibrant and bright, introduces an element of surprise and modernity. For red lovers who want a more discreet touch, we suggest incorporating the colour into objects and utensils and keeping the kitchen neutral. The more daring can opt for red in more prominent elements, such as worktops and cupboards. This dramatic tone combines harmoniously with white, light grey, black, beige, woody or copper tones, as well as stainless steel, offering a wide range of possibilities for a unique kitchen design.

The Kitchen in Blue: A Plunge into Serenity

Kitchen colours, SSingular blue kitchen

The combination of blue and white in a kitchen is a choice that evokes serenity. By exploring the various shades of blue, from pastel tones to deeper ones such as petrol blue, we can create kitchens that reflect tranquillity and depth.

The main element of this U-shaped kitchen is the petrol blue cabinets, a deep and sophisticated colour that establishes a striking presence in the space. This colour, in contrast to the white units, not only visually expands the room, but also gives it a sense of order and serenity.

The white of the upper cabinets illuminated by discreetly recessed lights emphasises brightness and a sense of cleanliness, while the translucent glass in the cabinet doors adds a lighter note and allows a subtle glimpse of the contents, without compromising a uniform design. The light floor and white walls complement the colour palette, while serving as a neutral canvas that highlights the blue elements.

Tiles decorated with blue and white motifs create a connection between the two spaces and add a touch of traditional charm to the modern ambience. Functionality is not forgotten, with state-of-the-art appliances and clever storage solutions, such as stacked washing machines and dryers discreetly hidden behind one of the doors, to maximise space without compromising on style.

Blue is a colour that conveys calm and stability, ideal for those looking for a relaxing refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This combination of colours, when applied well, results in a kitchen that is not just a place to prepare food, but a true centre of well-being and style in the home.

Nature's Kitchen: The inspiration of greenery

Kitchen colours, SSingular green kitchen

Green, a colour reminiscent of nature and freshness, is the protagonist of our kitchen with linear elements. The green cabinets, in contrast to the white walls, create a balanced and pleasant environment. This project shows how a striking colour can be used intelligently without making the space boring.


In this project, the colour chosen for the cabinets is a sober, contemporary green that brings a touch of nature to the space. The choice of this colour, coupled with a clean, linear design, reveals an approach that favours modernity without neglecting the tranquillity and comfort you look for in a kitchen.

Kitchen colours, SSingular green kitchen

Functionality is a key aspect in this kitchen, as demonstrated by the integration of appliances and the various storage solutions that merge into a minimalist aesthetic. The organisation of the space is intuitive and ergonomic, with cabinets stretching from floor to ceiling to maximise the use of vertical space without compromising visual harmony. The grey floor complements the green of the cabinets and establishes a neutral base that accentuates the elements of colour.


Other alternatives, such as lighter shades of green, are perfect for those looking for a sense of calm and relaxation, while darker tones, such as emerald green, create an atmosphere of elegance and depth. Green also offers the possibility of incorporating natural elements, such as plants and herbs, and reinforcing the connection with the outdoors while offering an organic touch to the decor. When combined with natural woods, metals and stones, green establishes itself as a versatile choice for both modern and rustic kitchens.

Conclusion: Identity and personality in balance with your colour

In every kitchen project, colour is more than a design element; it is a vital component that reflects the client's personality. The key to a perfect kitchen is to find the balance between the selected colour and the rest of the walls, and allow the colour to be the highlight in a light and pleasant environment. At SSingular, we invite you to explore the limitless possibilities of colour for your kitchen, and ensure that every space we create is a reflection of your individuality and style.


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