Three Consecutive Years as Top 5% SME in Portugal SSingular 23/11/2023

Three Consecutive Years as Top 5% SME in Portugal

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It is with great satisfaction that, for the third year running, SSingular has been voted one of the Top 5% SMEs in Portugal. This recognition is more than just a milestone in our company's history, but also a testament to the sustained growth, professional management and outstanding competence of our team, which continues to excel even in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Top 5% SMEs in Viseu

More than a symbol of our commitment to excellence, it is also a reflection of the trust and satisfaction of our clients, partners and suppliers. In every project, from customised kitchens to innovative interior design solutions, SSingular is able to innovate, grow and make a significant contribution to the national economy, while maintaining a focus on the quality of the projects delivered.

The path to achieving this distinction was built on solid pillars: an unwavering commitment to quality, a strategic vision in line with market trends and a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. These elements have been crucial to maintaining our position as a benchmark in the sector and guaranteeing the satisfaction of our national and international clients at every stage of the process.

At SSingular, every project is a new opportunity to innovate and exceed expectations. With careful monitoring from receipt of the order to final delivery, we guarantee total transparency and an experience close to each client.

We would like to thank everyone who puts their trust in SSingular and shares with us the dream of creating unique and personalised spaces. We are excited to continue building unique spaces, raising quality standards and turning our clients' dreams into reality.

To find out more about all our projects and solutions, visit our showroom in Viseu.


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