A Unique Closet for Your Home: Personalise with Style and Functionality SSingular 05/09/2023

A Unique Closet for Your Home: Personalise with Style and Functionality

The space where we keep our clothes, accessories and memories says a lot about who we are and how we live our daily lives. More than just a storage space, the wardrobe is a reflection of our style and our needs. When thinking about designing or renovating this space, there are several options to consider, each with its own benefits.

In this article, we'll explore the design possibilities for walk-in wardrobes, from linear to U-shaped and island models, and uncover the essential steps for creating a space that's truly yours.

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SSingular wardrobe models: Storage solutions for your home

Linear Closet:

The linear wardrobe is synonymous with space efficiency. Featuring a single row of storage along one wall, it is ideal for more compact environments or even corridors, in a design that maximises available space without sacrificing organisation. With its streamlined structure, it allows quick and easy access to items and adapts harmoniously to different decorative styles.

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U-shaped wardrobe:

Designed like a real dressing room, the U-shaped wardrobe utilises three walls, providing an immersive experience. This configuration offers ample storage space, making it possible to organise clothing by category or style.

The three sides allow you to easily visualise all your clothing, accessories and footwear, making your daily choices more practical and enjoyable. With a larger storage area, the U-shaped wardrobe is ideal for those with a large space that combines functionality and sophistication.

Wardrobe with island:

The walk-in wardrobe with island represents the pinnacle of organisation and beauty in interior design. Centralised in the space, the island offers additional storage, which makes it perfect for accessories or smaller items, while also serving as a practical station for folding clothes or planning the day's look.

This design, as well as maximising storage capacity, promotes the feeling of being inside a shop, where every item of clothing is valued, transforming the daily experience of choosing and coordinating outfits into a moment full of tranquillity. Ideal for large spaces, the walk-in wardrobe with island transforms the dressing area into a veritable suite dedicated to well-being.

How to create your dream personalised wardrobe?


Designing the wardrobe of your dreams requires a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. With SSingular, that dream becomes a reality. Our team of interior design experts work meticulously to understand and materialise your vision, ensuring that every inch of your space is optimised and reflects your personality.

To help you through this process, the SSingular team will be by your side during the following stages:

Measurement and Spatiality: The first step in any successful design project is to understand the available space. Through a detailed assessment and precise measurement of the location, we ensure that the chosen wardrobe model optimises the available space and guarantees functionality and spatial fluidity;

Defining the Storage System: This step is essential for creating a truly functional space. Think about your daily life: How many items of clothing do you have? Do you prefer to hang or fold? Do you have an extensive collection of shoes or accessories? Identify your specific needs - perhaps you need more drawers, additional shelves, or areas dedicated to special items.

Style and personality: Your wardrobe should be a space where you feel good, where every detail makes you feel like you belong. This is where aesthetic choices come in. Do you prefer a minimalist design, with simple lines and neutral colours? Or perhaps a more classic style, with rich woods and ornate details? Whatever your preference, it's essential that the design reflects your personality. The selection of colours, materials and finishes will establish the atmosphere of your wardrobe, making it unique and special.

Consultation with experts: After defining the basis of the project, it is advisable to consult SSingular's team of professionals. With extensive experience and a keen eye for detail, we will be able to advise you on the best solutions for your space and guarantee a final result that lives up to your expectations.

Production and assembly: With everything planned, it's time to see your wardrobe take shape. SSingular guarantees a careful installation, where each piece is assembled with precision for a perfect space in your home.

Final adjustments: Once the wardrobe has been assembled, our team will carry out a check to ensure that all the fittings, doors and drawers fit perfectly.


At SSingular, we believe that the secret to a perfect wardrobe lies in a design that makes the most of every centimetre of available space and harmoniously moulds itself to your lifestyle. That's why we're dedicated to working closely with you to understand your aspirations and needs, so that we can provide functional and elegant solutions for your new personal space.

Get in touch and order your bespoke wardrobe today.


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