Top 5% SME in Portugal: SSingular elected for the 2nd year SSingular 06/04/2023

Top 5% SME in Portugal: SSingular elected for the 2nd year

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Top 5% SME in Portugal!
SSingular is proud to announce that, for the second consecutive year, it was elected one of the best SMEs in Portugal, and is part of the select group of the Top 5% companies. This recognition is the result of the effort and dedication of our team, excellent financial performance and management quality. The distinction reinforces our commitment to the satisfaction of each supplier, business partner and, especially, our customers.

What it means to be a Top 5% company in Portugal

Being a Top 5% company in Portugal is a distinction that highlights the best SMEs in the country. These companies are recognised for their ability to innovate, grow and contribute significantly to the national economy. To achieve this prominent position, SSingular had to demonstrate consistent performance in several areas:

      • Sustainable financial growth
      • Financial strength and profitability
      • Quality of management and corporate governance
      • Commitment to client satisfaction and quality delivery in every project

The pillars of success for SSingular

SSingular's strategic plan is based on three fundamental pillars to ensure the success and satisfaction of its customers:

      1. Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction: We believe that each client is unique and deserves a personalised service. Therefore, we work tirelessly to offer high quality solutions, adapted to the needs and preferences of each client.
      2. Innovation and market vision: We are always aware of market trends and our clients' needs. This allows us to offer the most suitable solutions for each project.
      3. Talented and dedicated team: Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals who work together to develop and execute successful projects. The passion for what we do and the dedication to our clients are the basis of our success.

Monitoring the project from start to finish

At SSingular, we know that customer satisfaction is essential to our success. That's why we offer the ability to track the production status of your project from receipt of the order at the factory to final delivery. This transparency allows our customers to have a complete overview of the project's progress, ensuring that their expectations are met at every stage.

The importance of the Top 5% distinction for SSingular and its customers

The Top 5% SME distinction in Portugal is an important milestone for SSingular. It shows that we are on the right track and that our efforts to offer high quality products and services are bearing fruit. For our customers, this distinction is a guarantee that they are working with a company recognised for its excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction.

SSingular is proud to be recognised as one of the best SMEs in Portugal for the second year running. This distinction reinforces our commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. We thank our customers, suppliers and business partners for the trust placed in us over the years. We will continue to work with dedication and commitment to maintain our place among the best companies in the country and continue to turn our clients' dreams into reality.

To find out more about SSingular and how we can help you create high quality custom kitchens and furniture, please contact us. Our team of experts is at your disposal to discuss your needs and develop solutions that perfectly suit your lifestyle and expectations.


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