Inspiration: Meet Kitchen Noir SSingular 18/02/2023

Noir is the term used to designate the light/dark technique, original of the French style, with roots in the cinema, and which means black. In decoration, this trend is accompanied by lighter shades and textures, which are used to create contrasts and avoid the room becoming heavy and with compromised lighting.

In this SSingular project, the balance between black and white made it possible to create a sophisticated environment, while still making the most of relevant aspects, such as the entrance of natural light. The clarity that sneaks in through the window, spreads over the table and highlights the beauty of the Silestone countertop, to remind us of the importance of intensely enjoying the possibilities of each day.


The serenity of silestone welcomes the personality of the Noir cabinets

Equipment in balance

The project developed by SSingular encompasses both the selection of materials, colours and visual patterns that make up your kitchen, and the equipment and appliances. It is these elements that contribute to reinforce the visual impact of the set, and can act as invisible elements or in contrast, which reinforces the identity of the project.

Beauty and functionality

The balance in the selection of the materials that compose the environment is achieved with subtlety without losing functionality. The Silestone countertop mimics the beauty of natural stone, which translates into a material that is visually attractive, durable and extremely resistant and easy to clean.

In the Noir Kitchen you can also notice the influence of the minimalist trend, in which favouring the essential does not mean losing the boldness of creativity. Nothing is there by chance, the details of the cabinet handles together with the material supporting the chairs make up the modern look that adds a refined touch to the environment.

SSingular renews the concept of the kitchen as a place for experiences, where pleasure lies not only in the possibilities of enjoying the details of decoration, but also in facilitating meetings and uniting potentials. On one side, a practical, sophisticated, elegant kitchen and on the other, guests eager to share the excitement of celebrating irresistible dishes.

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