For those who choose the essential: Minimalist Kitchen SSingular 03/01/2023

For those who choose the essential: Minimalist Kitchen

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Minimalism, more than a trend, is a lifestyle that incorporates important reflections on how we live from a perspective that prioritises what is essential.

This style, which favours the practical and the functional without losing sight of good taste and elegance, is also present in the projects developed by SSingular. Minimalist kitchens seek to offer a healthy experience in the family's relationship with their home. The environment is not overloaded with objects and everything has its place, which results in greater fluidity and the use of natural light. Light and neutral tones are the most used colours because they convey a sense of serenity and balance, as well as providing an inviting and intimate air.

The main focus in the design of this type of kitchen is on organisation, where every detail is inspired by the famous phrase "less is more". This perspective creates an environment favourable to conviviality and avoids waste and accumulation. Minimalism is not just an aesthetic movement, but a way of living that emphasises the importance of a purposeful life, an awakening to what really matters, the awareness that happiness lies in sharing, in healthy interaction with people and not just in the objects themselves.

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