Grey kitchen with a central island SSingular 02/01/2023

The colour grey in decorating is a versatile trend that can be used in different shades and creative variations, enabling interesting contrasts with other colours. In this SSingular kitchen, light grey establishes the feeling of lightness and well-being, where all the elements are in perfect harmony.

Moving through this space is to enjoy the richness and efficiency of every detail. Appliances such as the oven and microwave, which usually appear stacked in other projects, here gain a new location in the centre of the panel as a focal point. The functionality and organization are evident in elements such as the bottle display on the sides or the central element between the two appliances that facilitates access to daily use equipment such as the coffee maker and the toaster. The possibility of customising your SSingular cabinets with the finish of the two appliances transforms the space and turns this kitchen into an even more attractive environment.


Built-in kitchen and an island as a central element

Diagonal that stands out

Geometric shapes catch the eye in the composition of this SSingular project. The multipurpose island appears as an element that stands out both for its design and the selection of colours that extends to the hob and sink countertop, practically imperceptible. The shapes and the predominance of white throughout, found in the grey of the chairs a highlight element. Moreover, the diagonal shape of the island, makes an interesting counterpoint with the structure of the panel.

Lighting in focus

Another highlight is undoubtedly the lighting, an essential factor in any project. Here, the SSingular project besides using light tones that provide a more illuminated environment, contributes to the feeling of constant renewal and freshness, which makes the kitchen the ideal space to gather the family, friends and share the joy of conviviality.

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